How to Buy Cotton Flowers


Cotton is one of the United States largest crops with over 18,000 farms. It is harvested beginning in July in the southern most states and as a late as November in the most northern states that produce cotton. Freshly harvested cotton flowers are more difficult to find and purchase than dry cotton flowers, which are more readily available and are used in dry floral arrangements.

Step 1

Decide between freshly harvested cotton flowers or dried cotton flowers. Dried cotton flowers are available all year. Newly harvested cotton flowers are available from late summer through fall.

Step 2

Call a cotton farm or visit its gift shop to buy cotton flowers, fresh or dried. Cotton farms are located mainly across the southern portion of the United States, such as Mississippi, Texas, Virginia and Arizona.

Step 3

Purchase cotton flowers at a local florist. She may have to make a special order to get you what you need, so inquire several weeks in advance.

Step 4

Buy dried cotton flowers at a craft store. Call first before visiting since it might not be available or in stock.

Step 5

Look online to purchase cotton flowers. Dried flowers will be easier to find, but a few dealers sell fresh cotton flowers and even cotton plants, if desired.


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