How to Trellis Spur-Type Grapes


Grapevines benefit a landscape in several ways. Not only do they provide a delicious fruit harvest for wine, jams, juice or fresh fruit, but they can be trellised to provide an aesthetic beauty to a landscape as well. Grapevines come in many varieties and can be grown all over the world, but are particularly popular in Europe, South America, Australia and North America. In order to grow them successfully, especially spur-type grapes (which means that the renewal buds create a spur-like appearance) the vines and main trunk must be trellised. The easiest trellis system is a two horizontal wire system that stretches between posts. Begin training after the vine reaches the first wire.

Step 1

Establish your trellis system next to the grapevine, or plant the young grapevine next to the trellis system. Keep in mind that the posts must be about 8 feet apart for a pair of wires to trellis one grapevine. The main grapevine trunk should be parallel to the posts.

Step 2

Cut back the grape vine stems (or canes) to 10 inches maximum, 6 inches minimum. This starts the training process for the trellis. Leave about three buds on each cane to produce new shoots.

Step 3

Identify the thickest, strongest, healthiest shoot on each cane. Prune back all the others on that cane except for the strongest. Using a plant tie, secure that cane to the wire. If it is not tall enough to reach the wires, use a wooden stake that is inserted into the ground.

Step 4

Let the shoot grow along the trellis wire or stake. To encourage spur-type pruning, let the secondary shoots, otherwise known as spurs, thrive outward from the main stem.

Step 5

Train grape canes, vines and tendrils to grow outwards and upwards in order to get the healthiest and most productive grape vine. Tie them with plant ties loosely to the trellis. Limit the number of spurs so flower production is controlled, which will make the fruit ripen more successfully.

Things You'll Need

  • Two-wire trellis system
  • Pruning shears and scissors
  • Gardening gloves, if desired
  • Wooden stake
  • Plant ties


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