How to Compare Weed Control


Getting weeds under control in your lawn or garden can be a challenge. There are many weed control methods that people say work, so conduct a test before you apply the same one across a larger area or invest in a lot of money in one method. Try different kinds of herbicides safe for the area in which you are applying, as well as other weed control methods such as pulling, tilling over or covering the weeds. Combine a mechanical or cultural practice along with an herbicide, if desired.

Step 1

Read the label for ingredients and learn what the active chemicals are of any herbicides you want to test. Look at the percentage of total volume in the herbicides. Compare other labels to note any differences. Name brand herbicides and generic herbicides with the same active (and amount) of main chemicals should result in the same weed control. Consider different herbicide products as a different weed control method. Note that some herbicides are used after weeds are growing and some are used before.

Step 2

Spray the herbicides according to label instructions in a small area (e.g., 5 feet by 5 feet area). Most herbicides need several hours of dry weather so they don't get washed away. Apply on a calm day so the herbicides do not cross over to different sections. Always take proper precautions, such as wearing goggles and bringing your pets indoors.

Step 3

Test other weed control methods in other areas. For example, pull weeds by the roots in the same size area as you applied any herbicides. In another area, cover the weeds with 2 to 3 inches of mulch and in another area, till the weeds into the soil to kill them. You can also try changing your cultural practices to control weeds, such as raising or lowering the height to which you mow grass and increasing or decreasing watering practices.

Step 4

Compare results in one day, one week and one month. Keep track on a chart and note if the weeds are still gone, dead or stopped growing. Note if any new weeds have grown. Look at the other plants and grass nearby to make sure that they were not harmed by any herbicides and are still growing well. Choose a weed control method that works best, according to your results comparison.

Things You'll Need

  • Herbicides
  • Water
  • Mulch
  • Mower


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