How to Find a Houseplant


Houseplants bring nature's color and life to indoor decor. Many plants flourish indoors if well cared for and may live many years. You have many choices in houseplants, but a little planning in advance will help you find the plant most suitable for your home and your personal tastes.

Step 1

Determine how much time you are willing to spend caring for a plant. Most houseplants don't require much, but some do require a little more care than others--fast-growing plants may need to be repotted more frequently, for example, and flowering house plants may require regular deadheading (removing spent buds). Better Homes and Gardens lists pothos, philodendron and English ivy among the plants that are easy to care for.

Step 2

Choose the space for your plant and note the temperature, humidity and lighting of the area--this impacts which houseplant variety is suitable. If you live in an apartment with few windows, for example, you may wish to avoid large, sun-loving plants.

Step 3

Visit garden centers and nurseries and check prices, particularly for the kind of houseplant you want. Armed with that information, visit the garden sections of local grocery stores and large retailers check the prices on the same kind of plant. The difference may be up to several dollars per plant, and shopping around may save you some money.

Step 4

Look for the healthiest plant you can find. Look for white dust-like material, which may indicate a powdery mildew problem, and/or brown or yellow leaves, which may signal disease or water stress. Check the plant for webbing, sticky areas or holes in the foliage, all which indicate possible plant pests.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you have pets, choose non-toxic house plants or put plants where the animal cannot possibly reach them. Many common houseplants are poisonous--toxic plants include the very common asparagus fern.


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Who Can Help

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