How to Connect a Pole Pruner


One of the basic safety rules of pruning is to never cut something that is directly over head. In order to prune branches that are high in the air, this means climbing a ladder to reach the branch. However, a pole pruner allows you to safely remove high branches from ground level. A pole pruner is actually two tools in one. One side contains a hand saw, while the other contains a set of branch loppers. Most pole pruners are packaged in pieces with assembly instructions. Assembling a pole pruner only takes a few minutes.

Step 1

Lay all the parts of your pole pruner side by side and verify that all pieces are present.

Step 2

Align the ends of your pole pieces together correctly and press them into one another. The pruner pole pieces should snap together. To disassemble the pruner at a later date, press a button on the side of the union. This will release the mechanism that holds the pieces in place.

Step 3

Grasp the head of the pole pruner along the top of the saw. Slide the neck of the pruner head into the shaft of the pole. Lock the neck in place by turning the handle of the locking clamp.

Step 4

Wind the rope of the bypass loppers through the pulley system. Pull the loose end down the length of the pole. The pulley system allows you to pull the loppers closed using very little force.

Things You'll Need

  • Pole pruner


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