Driveway Garden Ideas

The driveway and surrounding gardens make a first impression of the home and landscape as you enter and exit the space. As a focal point to the landscape, they also help to accent the home and provide a dramatic display. When designing the space, create a blueprint to refer to as you work your way through the project. Keep in mind the style of the home and how it reflects the inhabitants.

Accent Trees

Line the driveway with flowering trees to create an inviting feel to the home and surrounding the garden. Grown in a wide range of shapes, sizes and blooms colors, flowering trees light up the garden with their masses of blooms and helps to create a focal point to the home. Flowing trees like apricot and dogwood trees produce flowers each spring to create a much-needed burst of warmth to the garden. In fall, the flowering dogwood foliage turns red and purple for a fiery display to the landscape. Other flowering trees like cherry trees are known for the dramatic floral display that produces clusters of double flowers in colors ranging from pale pink and deep magenta to ethereal white.

Stone Pathway

Alongside the driveway and curving through the gardens, create a stone path. Made from a wide range of materials including, flagstone, brick, slate, pebbles and crushed gravel, stone paths draw your eye into the driveway's space . To create the path, make sure it's wide enough, at least 2 to 3 feet wide, for gardening equipment like wheelbarrows and lawnmowers. This allows for easy access through the garden and driveway. Pebbles are an functional stone to use for the path because they are easy to maintain and blend in well within the landscape. Soft underfoot yet crunchy and highly textured, pebbles help to suppress weeds in nearby garden beds and prevent erosion if the garden is sloped. Stone paths are also practical tucked inside the garden to provide a resting spot while pruning, weeding and watering the garden.

Perennial Flowers

Alongside the driveway, create a long-lasting garden by planting perennial flowers and plants. Perennials are planted once to then grow back each year. They range in shapes, sizes and colors and help to provide year-round color to the driveway and garden. Summer perennial flowers like coneflowers and coreopsis produce masses of bright blooms along the garden and help to accent the driveway with color. Fall and winter plants like hellebores grow during below-freezing temperatures to provide warmth to the cool seasons. As spring approaches, plant perennial bulbs like tulips, daffodils and crocus to provide vibrant colors to the garden and accent flowering trees and other flowers and plants.

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