How to Grow Herbs in Containers


Herbs are well suited for outdoor herb beds, but you can also grow them in containers. Growing in containers allows you to grow herbs year-round with the right lighting. Containers allow you to move the herbs indoors and outdoors as weather permits, and gives you the opportunity to move the herbs into the kitchen for easy access while cooking your favorite dishes. Choose herbs that have compact growth, such as rosemary, basil and oregano.

Step 1

Choose a container that has drainage holes. Buy containers large enough to hold 1 gallon of potting soil per herb plant, recommends Utah State University Extension. For example, a 3-gallon pot will hold 3 plants.

Step 2

Fill the container with the potting soil and make a hole large enough for the herb transplant roots. Bury the herb plant at the same depth as it was planted in its previous container. Purchase a sterile potting mixture that includes a starter fertilizer for the herb garden, advises Illinois State University.

Step 3

Water the herbs at planting and repeat when the soil is almost dry. Check the soil by touching it or tapping the side of the pot and listening for a hollow sound that indicates dry soil. Water until it comes out of the bottom of the pot. Some plants need watering every day.

Step 4

Place the herb container in a place that gets six hours of sun a day, says Cornell University.

Things You'll Need

  • Container
  • Potting soil


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