Garden Lanscaping Ideas

Landscaping a garden area can be done on a large scale or small scale, depending up on the area and the needs of the gardener. Adding design elements to a garden creates a sense of personality and ownership that is unique and pleasant. Landscaping in a garden can turn a piece of ground into a tranquil hideaway.


Fencing around a garden area offers a sense of confinement to the space. Fencing can be simple picket fence, wrought iron, split rail or even inexpensive wire fence edging. If you wish to close in the garden area completely, then choose taller fencing. Fencing can be placed at the edge of the planting area or farther out to encompass the area but allow a pathway around the outer perimeter.


A pathway leads visitors through the garden while providing a designated area for walking. A pathway can be as simple as gravel or rock, mulch, or stone pavers. Creating a pathway around the perimeter of the area and through the middle allows you to get close to the garden and the plants.


Lighting makes the area accessible after dark. Low-voltage outdoor lights or solar lights are easy choices for garden landscaping. The-low voltage lights require access to electricity, while the solar lights rely upon small solar panels and rechargeable batteries. Specialty lights that hang from small shepherd hooks or change colors can be found at many local retail stores and garden centers. Some types of solar lights are designed to be mounted on fence posts while others are staked in the ground.

Arbor or Pergola

An arbor or a pergola are other additions to a garden area. These structures offer a covered seating or walk-through area, as well as a trellis structure for plant growth. Trailing and climbing vines or roses work well with arbors and pergolas.

Water Garden

A water garden can be created in a container if space is an issue. A small garden pond can be dug by hand and created using a hard plastic formed liner or a flexible plastic liner. Adding plants like water lilies and a fountain will create a small oasis in the middle of a garden area.

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