Garden Gate Ideas

Garden gates beautify the landscape and create entrances to homes, gardens, patios and porches. They are a vibrant display to the landscape and come in a wide range of types, including iron, plastic and wood. Garden gates are an ideal structure to adorn and embellish with favorite plants, flowers and outdoor accessories to draw your eye to the space.

Creeping Vines

Creeping, trailing vines accenting a garden gate provide added color and texture through their blooms and foliage. Vines like Italian clematis have bright, deep purple blooms that brighten up a garden gate to create a focal point to the space. Evergreen vines like Carolina jasmine not only produce masses of fragrant, yellow blooms, but also retain their foliage to provide year-round color to the garden.

Solar Lights

Adorn the garden gates with lights to create a magical display that is inviting at night. To ensure easy access in and out of the garden and allow the gate to freely open and close, flank the gate with solar lights. Solar lights require no power and are ideal in both informal and formal gardens. Their built-in battery is charged during the day by the sun. If your garden gate has an adjoining path, extend the solar lights down the path to create a well-lit space.

Perennial Flowers

Jazz up the garden gate with perennial flowers. Perennial flowers require a one-time planting to come back every year fuller and taller. They grow in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes and textures to blend in with the style of home and garden gate. To create a dramatic entrance to the gate, grow taller perennials like coneflower and black-eyed Susan. Both produce masses of summer blooms and reach up to 3 feet tall to draw your eye into the garden. Russian sage, another perennial flower, has upright spikes that hold the pale lilac blooms. Perennials tucked into containers and flanking a garden gate also create a color-filled entrance and exit.

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