What Causes an Orange Tree Not to Bear Fruit?


Oranges have always been considered to be quite plentiful. However, there are several factors that can determine if an orange tree may or may not produce an abundance of fruit.

Improper Soil Drainage

Orange trees will normally grow well in a variety of different soils. However, if the soil does not drain properly, it can have a negative impact on the amount of fruit produced.

Cold Climates

Oranges flourish in subtropical climates. If temperatures drop below 55 degrees F during the growth stage, the fruits will not develop properly.

Low Water Quality

The salt level in water used for watering orange trees must be kept at a medium level. Too much salt can burn the leaves of orange trees and too little salt can cause the production of small, underdeveloped oranges.

Inadequate Fertilization

In order to produce healthy fruit, orange trees must have the adequate amount of nutrients. If the proper types of fertilizers are not used during the growth season, orange trees will not produce fruits.

Frost Damage

If orange trees are not protected from the danger of frost, there is little hope that any fruit will be produced. Oranges can easily freeze at temperatures of 28 degrees F and below.


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