Lawn Seed Types

Almost all lawn grass varieties were brought to North America. The three main types of lawn seed are cool season, warm season and transitional. When planting your own lawn seed it is important to take into consideration your region, climate, season and the qualities of the grass, such as whether it can withstand a lot of drought, activity or water. Making a decision about what lawn grass to plant also depends on the appearance you want.

Cool Season Lawn Seed

Cool season lawn grasses are usually planted in regions that have colder winters and hot summers. The rainfall is moderate and drought is a consideration but rare. This grass seed can tolerate drought if necessary because it will go dormant during that period. Cool season grass seed for your lawn includes bentgrass, Kentucky bluegrass, rough bluegrass, red fescue, annual ryegrass and perennial ryegrass.

Warm Season Lawn Seed

Growing grass in places that are more warm or humid than the rest of the country can be a task. Choosing an appropriate grass seed--as well as preparing the soil correctly--is important for these gardeners and homeowners. Almost all of the warm season grass varieties turn brown when temperatures start to drop for fall or winter. This is one of the reasons people overseed their lawns with cool season grasses in the cooler seasons, so they can maintain a green appearance. Warm season lawn seed varieties include bahia, Bermuda grass, buffalo grass, centipede, St. Augustine grass and zoysia.

Transition Lawn Seed

This "transition zone" between Northern and Southern grass regions shows that neither warm nor cool season grasses survive successfully. This is in lower regions such as North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas and Indiana. The type of transitional grass seed you choose depends on your location. Common transitional lawn seed varieties include Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, perennial ryegrass, thermal blue and zoysia.

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