Tips for Growing Gerbera Daisies

Bright, sunny Gerbera daisies are a delightful addition to the garden, and the cheery blooms are perfect for cut-flower bouquets. Native to Africa, Gerbera daisies are also known as "Transvaal daisies." Although Gerbera daisies aren't difficult to grow, a bit of extra care will ensure that the plant will continue to bloom year after year for many seasons.


Plant Gerbera daisies in full sunlight to promote big, beautiful blooms all season. Gerbera daisy can be planted in partial shade, but without at least six to eight hours of bright sunlight every day, the plant will produce fewer and smaller flowers. If you live in a hot climate, plant Gerbera daisies where the plants will get their sunlight during the morning hours so that the plants will be protected from the rays of the sun during the afternoons.


Water Gerbera daisies regularly and keep the soil moist, but never water excessively, as Gerbera daisies will rot in soggy soil. Check the soil before watering, and if the top of the soil feels slightly dry to the touch, water deeply, then don't water again until the top of the soil feels slightly dry. Watering in the morning will help to prevent rot, as the foliage will have time to dry before the temperature drops in the evening.

Prevent Crown Rot

Gerbera daisies tend to sink into the soil a bit every year, and if the crown of the plant becomes buried, the plant will be susceptible to crown rot, which is usually fatal. To avoid this, lift the entire clump from the soil with a garden fork. Add enough soil to the bottom of the hole to lift the crown about an inch above the soil level, then replant the Gerbera daisy. The crown is where the plant joins the upper part of the roots.


Divide the Gerbera daisy in early spring every two to three years to ensure that the plant continues to be healthy and vibrant. Dig the entire clump, then separate the smaller plants that grow on the side of the parent plant. Discard the center of the plant if it appears old and nonproductive. Plant the small plant in well-drained soil. To avoid crown rot, plant the Gerbera daisy with the crown about an inch above the soil.

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