New Garden Ideas

Creating a new garden is a fun project for the whole family to get involved in. There are various types of gardens you can created in your yard, depending upon the specific needs and interests you have. A new garden can serve a specific purpose or it can be simply ornamental. An ornamental garden might be specific for color, type of plants or even wildlife it is designed to attract.

Moon Garden

A moon garden features flowers that bloom in the evening or late in the day. Pale-colored flowers like moon flower, evening primrose and four o'clocks are good choices for a moon garden. This type of garden features fragrant blooms to scent the night air and an area to be enjoyed at night and by the light of the moon. The plants often attract insects and other wildlife that are more active in the evening. Moths and frogs will make themselves at home.

Butterfly Garden

A butterfly garden is designed to attract a variety of butterflies or a specific species of butterfly. A butterfly garden that has mostly milkweed plants attracts mostly monarch butterflies looking to lay eggs on the milkweed. A butterfly garden with a number of plants from the parsley family (Queen Anne's lace, dill, parsley, fennel) attracts certain swallowtails that will lay eggs on those plants. A butterfly garden needs a variety of nectar plants (perennials, annuals, shrubs, herbs) to provide food for adult butterflies and larval food plants for the butterflies to lay eggs on. Offering a sand or mud puddle and a plate of overripe fruit draws more butterflies to the garden area.

Hummingbird Garden

Creating a small garden area to attract hummingbirds can be a delight. Watching these tiny birds buzz and zip around as they feed is entertaining and fascinating. This garden should include plants that attract hummingbirds--jewel weed, bee balm, fuchsia, cypress vine--and hummingbird feeders filled with sugar-water solution. A combination of hanging baskets and pots filled with flowers and plants that are in the ground creates an aesthetically pleasing garden area for hummingbirds.

Herb Garden

Growing your own herbs for use in your kitchen is economical and enjoyable. Creating a small herb garden in your landscape adds the beauty and flavor of herbs. A mixture of low-growing and tall herbs is a good choice for a small herb garden. Plants like dill, basil, oregano, mint, thyme, chives and others are a good start for an herb garden.

Wildlife Garden

A garden that is designed to attract native wildlife can be created in any yard, whether urban or rural. Creating a small garden that provides food, water, shelter and a place to raise young for wildlife is a great way to practice conservation while observing wildlife up close. A small pond attracts frogs and dragonflies, bird feeders and a bird bath draw wild birds, nectar and larval plants attract butterflies.

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