How to Cut Dead Palm Fronds on a House Plant


Most palms experience routine dying off of fronds, as the lower fronds are replaced by new ones. Removing the dead fronds is not necessary for a plant's health but it does make the palm more attractive. The tool required to cut the dead fronds off of the houseplant depends upon the thickness of the stem. Only remove dead fronds, not yellowing or green fronds, from a palm tree.

Step 1

Fertilize the palm one week before cutting off the fronds.

Step 2

Sterilize your pruning equipment by soaking in a bleach and water solution (equal parts) for five minutes.

Step 3

Cut the frond back to the trunk.

Things You'll Need

  • Fertilizer
  • Pruning shears, loppers or pruning saw
  • Household bleach
  • Plastic tub


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