How to Care for the Anthurium Plant


The anthurium plant is often referred to as the flamingo flower because of its appearance. The spathe is heart-shaped with a spadix in the shape of a tall spike coming out of the middle of it. The spathe and spadix are almost always some shade of red. Anthurium plants can be grown both outdoors in a flower garden, and indoors in flower pots. They are a desirable plant because they flower year-round.

Step 1

Keep your anthurium plant in a warm location. This is not a problem if you are keeping your flamingo flower in the house. If you have it in the garden, make sure temperatures range from 78 to 90 degrees F in the day, and 70 to 75 degrees F at night.

Step 2

Use soil that drains well, but is slightly coarse. recommends using peat moss, perlite and pine bark at a 1:1:1 ratio.

Step 3

Water your anthurium plant until the soil is moist. Then, allow it to dry out before watering it again. Watering your anthurium plant once per week is common. You can water it twice per week if the temperatures are hotter than normal.

Step 4

Place your anthurium where it can get plenty of indirect light. Too much direct sunlight is not good for the anthurium plant.

Step 5

Feed your anthurium plant a 24-8-16 slow-release fertilizer. You only need to use this fertilizer at a quarter-strength every three months.

Step 6

Mulch around your anthurium plant. This will help the plant retain moisture. It will also keep weeds from growing if you planted the anthurium in a flower garden.

Tips and Warnings

  • Be careful when handling the anthurium plant. Its sap can cause skin irritation, and the entire flower can cause stomach disorders if swallowed.

Things You'll Need

  • Fertilizer
  • Mulch


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