How to Landscape Magnolia Trees


Magnolia trees have over 80 varieties, ranging from trees to shrubs that can survive in tropical and temperate climates. They are evergreen and deciduous, and feature large, esthetically beautiful, aromatic flowers, growing in pastel colors from white to green. Red and pink fruits appear next, providing a vibrancy to a landscape. Magnolia trees also provide a wealth of shade. It is important to place magnolia trees where they will most benefit the appearance of your landscape.

Step 1

Add eye-catching color to a dull area or to act as a filler in open areas, like between a house and a toolshed or garage. Magnolia trees provide a splash of color, delicate beauty and texture to a lawn. Planting a magnolia tree to frame the left and right sides of a property can help make a smaller lawn seem more cozy, and help frame a larger lawn. The branches can be pruned to either a tree- or shrub-shape, with spreading branches or one main trunk.

Step 2

Create a privacy wall around yard areas, or frame the front of a house with several magnolia trees planted in a straight row. Line them along fences already installed, or add them to serve almost entirely as a fence. The trees will provide more shrubbery for privacy and an elegant, formal appearance to a landscape. These can also be planted in front of windows for more cover.

Step 3

Bunch magnolia trees in small groups as a focal point---perhaps surrounding a garden statue or fountain---or create a walkway or arbor entrance (if trained correctly on a trellis). Growing them as a wallkway can take some time, but the tailored appearance here, too, is elegant and formal.

Step 4

Keep deciduous magnolias---the smaller cultivars---in large planter pots or as shrub borders. The potted magnolias can be used on patios or as accent trees, inside or outside the home.

Step 5

Plant large magnolia tree cultivars in areas where shade is needed, such as a walkway, sitting area or in grassy areas. The flowers, shade and fragrance combine to make a memorable space.


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