Easy Leaf Removal


When fall leaves accumulate on the ground, what once seemed like beautiful seasonal color, now may seem like a tedious chore. As you contemplate removing fall leaves, use an easy leaf removal process that will minimize the effort and time and keep your landscape neat and tidy. Instead of raking and bagging leaves, consider other options that will remove the leaves efficiently. Because leaves contain valuable nitrogen, you can use them in various ways around your landscape to nourish other plants.

Step 1

Blow the leaves to a central area using a leaf blower. Whether your leaf blower is gas powered, electric or rechargeable, you can use this powerful tool to blow leaves where you want them in your yard. Direct the leaves onto a tarp and then place the leaves into leaf bags for collection. If your local municipality does not collect leaves, consider using the leaves in a compost pile.

Step 2

Vacuum the leaves with a vacuum sucker. Many leaf blowers also have a reverse mechanism that turns them into large vacuum machines with an attached bag. Use this vacuum to suck up leaves from your landscape. Empty the attached bag when it fills with leaves and place the leaves into leaf bags for collection. Other alternative uses for the leaves include composting and using the leaves as a mulch over flower and vegetable gardens.

Step 3

Remove large debris from the lawn such as rocks and sticks and then use a mulching lawn mower to mulch the leaves over the turf. A mulching lawn mower has a special design and blade that will cut up leaves as you pass the mower over the turf. As you mulch the leaves into small pieces with the mulch mower, you reduce the unsightly mess of the leaves by cutting the leaves up into small pieces over the grass. Over time, these small pieces of leaves will decompose into the turf soil and add nutrients to the soil.

Tips and Warnings

  • Wear safety gear as you use the mulching lawn mower, including eye protection and a dust mask.

Things You'll Need

  • Leaf blower and vacuum
  • Tarp
  • Leaf bags
  • Mulching lawn mower


  • Virginia Cooperative Extension: Leave Them Alone: Lawn Leaf Management
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