Flower Arranging Trends

Because trends generally evolve slowly from one popular concept to the next, what is trendy today will be similar to what was popular last year, or even several years ago. This holds true with flower arranging and ideas; trends in floral design from as far back as the 1990s are still popular today, with only slight variations.

Follow Fashion

If you want your floral arrangement to appear "up-to-the-minute" trendy, select flower colors that are popular. The leading industry for dictating what colors are in and out is the fashion industry. Home furnishings, paper products and even automobile color selection are influenced by the current fashion trends. To create a flower arrangement using the most current trend in colors, simply look at a recent women's fashion magazine or visit your local clothing store to see what colors are "in" for that season. Then use that same color palette to create your trendy flower arrangement.


Trends tend to reflect the spirit of the time: how people feel, what is important to them. To create a trendy flower arrangement, you should incorporate elements that reflect the spirit of the time. Current floral trends are moving to nostalgia themes. Popular flowers for weddings and home entertainment include blooms reminiscent of 1950s and 1960s gardens. Peonies, hydrangeas, lilies, tulips, and roses are favored as being trendy and "in." Create arrangements with flowers that were grown in your mother's garden and pottery containers from your childhood to reflect the spirit of the time.

Single Color Arrangements

Flower arrangement trends often happen when displays are created that move away from the typical. Popular today is the use only one color for all the flowers in your arrangement. This trend has been evolving over past several years and looks as if it will remain in style for several more. It is dramatic and a striking statement; select a single, trendy color for all the flowers in your arrangement. You can use different shades of the single color, such as light to dark pink, or stay with flowers that are all close to the same color intensity. Either way, your arrangement will be attention-getting and trendy.

More Than Flowers

A new trend in flower arrangements is emerging which encourages you to add more than just flowers to your arrangements. The addition of fruits, berries, unusual grasses, herbs, and even vegetables is becoming more popular as designers look for unique and personal expression in creating floral displays. Flower arrangements using this new trend lend themselves particularly well to centerpieces and table displays.

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