How to Kill Centipede Grass


Centipede grass is a warm weather perennial plant. The slowing growing grass requires little maintenance and fertilizer to thrive in well-drained soils. According to North Carolina State University, applying too much fertilizer to the centipede grass lawn will kill the turf. You can control centipede grass through two separate processes.

Step 1

Mix the 2,4-D herbicide according to label directions. The optimal time for application will be when the centipede grass is beginning to green up in the early spring.

Step 2

Spray the lawn in early morning when the winds are calm. Over spray of the herbicide will injure other plants.

Step 3

Wait one to two weeks before another herbicide application. Inspect the centipede grass for signs of new green growth.

Step 4

Apply the herbicide spray to the green areas of the centipede grass.

Step 5

Burn the grass during the dormant period of its growth cycle. In most all cases, this will be during the coldest time of year for your climate. Burning the top dead grass blades will expose the lower root system of the plant. This root exposure will kill the centipede grass.

Things You'll Need

  • 2,4-D herbicide
  • Sprayer


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