How to Use Greenery for a Table Decoration With an Organic Modern Look


Greenery, such as ivy plants or pine boughs, creates a country or primitive appeal when used for table decoration or centerpiece. Natural materials are associated with such design styles as country or rustic, but you can use greenery and other natural materials in a more modern application, while retaining the organic feel of such decorations. Use glass or silverplate to give your table a modern look and integrate greenery into the design to soften the appeal.


Step 1

Select a glass vase with a square shape. The vase should be slender and approximately six inches tall. Select two small, round vases that resemble a fishbowl shape. The two shapes, square and round, create contrast. The height of the two smaller vases should be half the height of the taller, square vase.

Step 2

Fill each vase one-third full with stones. Select colored stones that coordinate with your table linens and serving ware. If using white linens, select clear stones.

Step 3

Snip several sprigs of rosemary or pine boughs from your garden. If you do not have these available, visit your local florist for these or comparable greenery. They must be slender and multi-leaved.

Step 4

Place the tallest of the sprigs in the tall vase, anchoring them with the stone. Cut remaining sprigs for the smaller vases and place the sprigs in the vases. Cut the sprigs so the tops are level with the top of the tall vase.

Step 5

Place the tallest vase in the center of the table. Place the two smaller vases to either side, allowing no more than one inch between each vase. The greenery brings an organic appeal to the centerpiece while the glass vases provide a modern look.


Step 1

Select a round silverplate charger and a small silverplate bowl with a short base. Clean the pieces thoroughly, removing all tarnish.

Step 2

Place a runner along the length of the table. Select a runner with a graphic pattern in a neutral color. Place the silverplate pieces on the runner in the center of the table.

Step 3

Pot a small ivy plant in a ceramic bowl and place the bowl in the silverplate bowl. Fill in the gap between the ceramic bowl and the silverplate with stone. Cover the soil in the planted pot with stone as well.

Step 4

Place the silverplate bowl on the center of the charger. Scatter a few stones on the charger and along the runner as well. The silverplate keeps the setting modern while the greenery and stone add an organic feel to the table.

Things You'll Need

  • Glass vases
  • Stone
  • Sprigs of rosemary or pine bough
  • Table runner
  • Silverplate charger
  • Silverplate bowl
  • Ceramic planter, bowl-shaped


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