The Best Tomatoes for Greenhouses Grown Hydroponically

Tomato varieties traditionally grown outdoors in vegetable gardens are not necessarily suitable to grow hydroponically in greenhouses. Hydroponic tomato varieties should be the indeterminate type that grow into a vine, rather than the type that grow into a multistemmed bush, as do determinate types. Tomatoes for indoor production must also show greater disease resistance than varieties grown outdoors.

Beefsteak Varieties

'Trust' is a beefsteak variety with outstanding flavor and rich red color without green shoulders. Its mature weight is approximately 8 oz. Trust is resistant to several tomato diseases, including tomato mosiac virus and verticullium wilt. Another beefsteak variety, 'Geronimo', produces high yields and grows straight along its support wire. It is excellent for plantings late in the year in the greenhouse. Geronimo is a vigorous growing variety that is tolerant of powdery mildew.

Cluster Varieties

Cluster tomatoes are smaller versions of beefsteak-type tomatoes that are sold still attached to the calyx holding the cluster of fruits. The variety 'Tradiro' is suitable for both traditional greenhouse and hydroponic growing. Its uniformly shaped, bright red fruits are delicious and have rich flavorful flesh. Tradiro is slightly more rounded in shape than most beefsteak/cluster types. The variety 'Ambiance' has exceptional taste and performance in greenhouse production, according to North Carolina State University. Ambiance produces clusters of tomatoes uniform in size, and the calyx remains green after harvesting. The fruits in each cluster ripen simultaneously and remain attached to the calyx postharvest.

Cherry Varieties

Industry standards for the production of hydroponic cherry tomatoes, the varieties 'Flavorita' and 'Conchita' both produce fruits that weigh an average of 0.7 oz. These varieties perform almost identically in hydroponic production, although Flavorita has shown more resistance to disease. Hydroponically grown cherry tomatoes yield less than beefsteak or cluster varieties due to the high labor requirements of harvesting, grading and packaging.

Cocktail Varieties

Flavorino is a plum type of cocktail tomato often sold as a cluster. It is highly resistant to disease and grows well during winter in heated greenhouses under artificial light. It produces clusters of 12 to 14 bite-size fruits. Picolino is a cherry-type of cocktail tomato, producing a cluster of bite-size fruits, each weighing 0.75 ounce. An industry standard, Picolino is cultivated either hydroponically or traditionally in greenhouse production.

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