The Best Way to Remove Old Tree Stumps


Once a tree has been removed from a property, there is always a stump left behind. The question of what to do with that stump is possibly one of the most annoying questions that a homeowner must deal with. Because the majority of a tree stump is buried, stump removal is possibly more labor intensive than removing a tree itself. According to Louisiana State University, your goals for sump removal will determine the best way to remove a stump. While digging a stump, a process known as grubbing, is the fastest method, it is also the most labor-intensive. Rotting a stump takes more time, but it is also the easiest method.

Grubbing a Tree Stump

Step 1

Dig a hole around the circumference of the stump that is 4 foot wide by 2 foot deep, with a mattock. Cut through any roots you encounter while digging the stump up, using the mattock, an ax or a pair of branch loppers.

Step 2

Push the stump on its side to expose the roots underneath the stump.

Step 3

Cut through the roots, holding the stump into the ground.

Step 4

Lift the stump out of the hole. Twist the stump as you go to sever the roots.

Step 5

Fill in the hole left by the stump with soil to smooth out the depression.

Rotting a Tree Stump

Step 1

Cut the stump at ground level.

Step 2

Drill a series of 1-inch holes in a ring around the edge of the stump.

Step 3

Drill a second set of holes into the stump at a 45 degree angle from the first set of holes. This second set should intersect the first set near the base of each hole.

Step 4

Spread a high-nitrogen fertilizer (10-0-0) over the stump.

Step 5

Water the stump to keep it damp, but not wet. The water will create an environment for microbes to thrive, while the fertilizer will feed them.

Step 6

Pour a mixture of granulated sugar and water over the stump after 1 year to feed the microbes and speed decay.

Tips and Warnings

  • Although burying a stump is an easy method to get rid of the stump, it can create a sink hole once the stump rots. Many cities prohibit burying stumps within city limits. Check with your city officials before burying a stump.

Things You'll Need

  • Chainsaw
  • Mattock
  • Ax
  • Branch loppers
  • Drill and 1-inch drill bit
  • Garden hose
  • Nitrogen fertilizer (10-0-0)
  • Sugar


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Who Can Help

  • Colorado State Univeristy Extension: Stump Removal
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