Disposal of Contaminated Soils


Contaminated soil results from various chemicals or waste being buried into or mixing with soil. The chemicals or waste attaches to or is held in place by the soil. Because of this action the soil itself must be treated or removed; this removal is best conducted by professionals licensed in hazardous waste management and treatment.

Step 1

Contact local government officials who handle hazardous waste collection. These officials could be at the city, county or state level; they will be able to tell you how to contact the appropriate collection and management facility.

Step 2

Contact the collection facility and inform the appropriate staff at the facility of the contaminated soil. Provide as much detailed information as required for the staff to determine the level of contamination, method of disposal and how long the soil has been polluted. The staff will be able to provide information about how to find a contractor to dispose of the soil.

Step 3

When the hazardous waste management team arrives, show them the contaminated soil. They will test the soil and determine how to dispose of it. Depending on the type or level of contamination the soil may be treated on site and left in place. If the team determines that the soil needs to be removed, set up an appointment with hazardous waste transporters. Once they take the soil they will be responsible for properly disposing of it.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not attempt to remove contaminated soil by yourself.


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