How to Care for Water Pond Plants


Plants are important to the ecosystem of your pond. A plant provides cover, keeps the water cool, and adds oxygen and food to the environment of your pond. Additionally, pond plants can help reduce the growth of algae by shading the pond. Pond plants also provide a habitat for insects, which provides more food for fish in a pond. Caring for aquatic plants will help ensure that your pond stays healthy and well-balanced. If you can care for houseplants, you can care for aquatic plants.

Step 1

Select an assortment of plants for your pond that includes marginal plants such as Louisiana Iris and dwarf cattail, floating plants that include water lilies and lotus, and submerged plants such as parrot feather. Use plants native to your region. These plants will be better suited to your environment.

Step 2

Place a rock in the bottom of a net basket. Fill the basket with soil formulated for aquatic plants. Place the roots of marginals and floating plants in the top of the basket and cover with sand or pea gravel.

Step 3

Place the marginals on shelves around the edges of the pond to soften the pond's appearance. Place floating plants on blocks in the base of the pond. Submerged plants may be suspended under the water. Do not cover more than 65 percent of the pond's surface with plants.

Step 4

Remove vegetation from the plants as it dies to keep the water in the garden clean.

Step 5

Pull the net baskets out of the pond in fall when the plants go dormant. Thin the plants by dividing the roots whenever the plant becomes too large. Place the basket in a cool, dark place such as a basement to overwinter.

Things You'll Need

  • Marginal aquatic plants
  • Floating aquatic plants
  • Submerged aquatic plants
  • Aquatic plant soil
  • Net basket
  • Pruning shears


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Who Can Help

  • Alabama Cooperative Extension Service:Ornamental Garden Pools
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