How to Care for Fresh-Cut Tulips


Whether you cut them directly from a spring garden or purchase them from a florist, fresh-cut tulips in a vase are not only colorful and bright, but they provide a flower arrangement that will continue to thrive and change with the proper care. Cut tulips may continue to grow as much as an additional inch, even after they no longer grow in the soil. Tulips seek out light sources and each blossom will visibly bend to follow any sources of light near the arrangement. Care for fresh-cut tulips to keep your flower arrangement attractive.

Step 1

Sprinkle one packet of the fresh flower preservative over the bottom of the tall vase. Fill the vase almost to the top with cold water. Stir the water and the preservative with a long spoon to dissolve the preservative.

Step 2

Hold the bottom of each tulip stem beneath cool running water and cut at least one inch from the bottoms of the stems off at 45-degree angles with the sharp knife. If you see any white portions on the bottoms of the stems, cut these areas off with the knife. Remove leaves from the bottom portion of the stems that would otherwise be under the water level of the vase.

Step 3

Place each cut tulip into the prepared vase immediately after cutting it.

Step 4

Set the tulip vase in a location without direct sunlight and protect the tulips from excessive heat and drafts.

Step 5

Replenish the water level in the vase every day to keep it full of cool water.

Step 6

Pour out the water and give tulips fresh water with fresh flower preservative every other day. Recut the tulip stems at the same time that you give them fresh water, using the same technique you performed before you placed them in the vase.

Tips and Warnings

  • Keep cut daffodils and tulips separate from each other in a vase because the daffodils leak sap that will kill the cut tulips.

Things You'll Need

  • Fresh flower preservative (individual packets)
  • Cold water
  • Tall vase
  • Long spoon
  • Sharp knife


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