How to Landscape With Crushed Rock


An inviting landscape is often a composite of different colors and textures all woven together into a cohesive whole. It's natural to want to bring stone into the landscape as one of the essential elements of nature. Crushed rocks are an excellent choice. When spread over landscape cloth, crushed rocks resist weed growth and provide color and texture. The rocks can be used to create pathways within a vegetable garden or between a lawn and flower beds. The rocks naturally conform to soft curves, and a foot-wide border of crushed rocks creates an interesting visual break between flowers, mulch and lawn.

Step 1

Remove lawn or soil from the area where you want to install crushed rock in your landscape. Usually you should go at least 2 inches deep and the width of your installation. For a flower border, you may want to contour your trench to create an organic edge. Cut landscape cloth to fit the width of your border. Press the cloth into place and then fill your trench with crushed stones. Rake and compact your stones for a smooth finish.

Step 2

Extend the size of your patio by adding a crushed rock perimeter. Dig out the entire bed to a depth of 3 to 3 inches. Cut and fit landscape cloth over the area. Fill with crushed rock and level with a rake. Make sure that where your lawn and crushed rock touch, your lawn mower will not ride up on the rocks and throw them through the mower. To keep this from happening, compact your rocks along the edges so that they are level with the soil, not the grass.

Step 3

Install winding garden pathways by using garden hoses to make long curved lines. Dig out your pathways. Lay your landscaping fabric. Position fieldstone slabs with a sand base to create an easy and flat surface to walk on. Spread your crushed rock around your fieldstone slabs. Level and compact.

Step 4

Fit landscape cloth between your vegetable garden raised wood beds. Add a 2- to 3-inch layer of crushed rock. This will help prevent weeds in your walkways and make garden maintenance much easier. You can also position garden chairs on the stones so that you can sit in your garden.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Landscape cloth
  • Crushed rock
  • Rake
  • Soil compactor
  • Fieldstones
  • Sand


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