How to Rent Garden Tillers


Danny Lipford, the host of "Today's Homeowner" recommends renting tools as a cheaper way to use tools such as garden tillers that normally cost hundreds to over a thousand dollars to purchase. You'll often find rental prices at under a $100 a day for garden tiller rentals. Garden tillers break up soil better than anyone can do by hand, saving a great deal of time and energy and making your garden projects much easier with the use of this garden machinery.

Step 1

Call several local hardware stores to inquire if they rent garden tillers and what they charge. Ask if they charge daily or by the hour. If more than one size is available, ask which size would work best for the are you need to till. If your soil is compacted and will require more work to loosen, inquire about self-propelled rear-tine models with more horsepower.

Step 2

Write down the price and features of each available model. Choose the model at the cheapest rate with the most features specific to your tilling needs.

Step 3

Call the hardware store to reserve the tiller. Ask how long the tiller should take to complete your specific job. Explain the size of the area you plan to till and if the soil is compacted or slightly loose. Add driving time to their estimate to determine how long you need to rent the tiller for.

Step 4

Drive a truck, other large vehicle or a vehicle with a trailer to pickup the tiller. Place the tiller upright in the vehicle or on the trailer.

Step 5

Discuss how to operate the tiller with the hardware store associates. Request a copy of the tiller's manual to take with you. Sign any necessary paperwork to complete the rental transaction. Provide a credit card, if necessary, to either pay for the rental or as a security measure. You may not need to pay the rental fee until you return the tiller.

Things You'll Need

  • Large vehicle or trailer


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