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Tackling weeds in the garden can be an easier task when using a Roundup garden sprayer instead of a standard spray bottle. The Roundup lawn and garden sprayer is a pump sprayer that is operated under pressure. The pressure that builds up in the tank from the pumping action of the handle makes it easy to spray the container's contents with one squeeze of the spray nozzle's handle.


Roundup garden sprayers are available in three styles: the ML style, which has a small, rounded form; the O style, which has an oblong form; and the R style, which has a larger body with a wider base. The tanks are constructed of a poly material and are available in a one-gallon size, which weighs 3 pounds, and a two-gallon size, which weighs 4½ pounds.

Hoses and Handle

The hoses are made of reinforced PVC and the wands are 15 inches long and made of aluminum. Between the hose and the wand is a large comfort-grip handle that is easy to hold. The handle has a locking feature that, when in the locked position, makes it easy to sprayer without squeezing the lever.


The Roundup garden sprayer is available with three types of spray nozzles that attach to the tip of the wand. The brass adjustable nozzle makes it possible to control the form of the spray, from a soft mist to a forceful stream. The flat fan nozzle creates a wide, fan-shaped spray that is good for reaching beneath large plantings or for applying treatments in a sweeping fashion. The foaming nozzle causes the concentrate to come out as foam. This application is effective when you need the spray contents to remain on the weeds for a longer time.


The Roundup garden sprayer makes it easy to spray concentrated formulas onto weeds with very little effort. Once the container is filled and pumped with pressure, you can apply a continuous spray until the pressure or spray contents run out. When this happens, fill it again and pump more pressure to continue with the application. The Roundup garden sprayer does not have to be used with only Roundup products. Use it to apply liquid lawn or garden feed, insect repellent and homemade lawn and garden formulas that will not clog the hose or nozzle.


Make your Roundup garden sprayer last longer than the warranty by performing regular maintenance. This includes lubricating the pump and disassembling the parts and thoroughly cleaning them. Do not leave solutions in the tank after use. Properly discard or store them for future use, and keep your unit clean and dry.

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