How to Save Fresh Flowers


When you pick fresh flowers from your garden and display them in a vase on your kitchen table, you can enjoy them for a week or two before they begin to die. Fortunately, there's a preservation method that saves your fresh flowers for several years. This method involves drying the fresh flowers and spraying them with a protective coating.

Step 1

Remove foliage from the stems, using garden scissors or your hands.

Step 2

Cut the flower stems to the size you want them with your garden scissors. This will depend on what you are saving the fresh flowers for. If you're making a dried flower bouquet, you may want the flowers to be different lengths.

Step 3

Group your flowers together in sets of three. Face the flowers in the same direction and wrap a rubber band around them.

Step 4

Set up a clothing rack in your attic or a dark closet. Do not use a basement or any room that contains moisture. Warm, dark places work the best to dry out fresh flowers.

Step 5

Attach the stems of the fresh flowers to the clothes rack with clothespins so that the flowers are hanging from the rack upside-down. Wait one to two weeks for your flowers to dry out. If they are not dried out after two weeks, check on them every three or four days.

Step 6

Remove the rubber bands and spray each flower with a light coating of acrylic spray.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden scissors
  • Rubber bands
  • Clothing rack
  • Clothespin
  • Acrylic spray


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