How to Rent a Garden Tiller


When you need to cultivate a landscaping area and you would rather not expend extreme effort and time to accomplish your task, a garden tiller can get the work done quickly and much more easily than if you till the soil manually. Many gardeners opt to rent a garden tiller instead of purchasing one, often because the cost of renting the tiller for an afternoon is less expensive than owning and maintaining a garden tiller year-round.

Step 1

Contact local garden centers and equipment rental businesses and inquire about garden tillers for rent. Any full-service rental center and most garden centers will have garden tillers available for customers to rent. You may find that they have more than one size garden tiller; in which case you must decide what size garden tiller you require to cultivate your landscaping area. If you are establishing a new growing area and you need to break up turf and compacted ground, select a heavier duty garden tiller (larger tines and engine). If you are reworking an established area for a new season of planting, select a smaller garden tiller (smaller tines and engine).

Step 2

Take notes as you talk to the various businesses in your area, writing down the specific information about the tillers available, rental prices, rental periods and times the tillers are available. Select the tiller that best fits your needs and call the business back to reserve the garden tiller at the time you need it.

Step 3

Pick up the tiller at the time you reserved it. Drive a vehicle that will enable you to load the tiller in an upright position (a van or a pick-up truck). Sign the paperwork to rent the garden tiller and note what time you must return the tiller to avoid late fees. Some rental centers may need to swipe a credit card before you take the garden tiller and others may wait until you return the garden tiller.

Step 4

Ask for specific instructions about operating the garden tiller before you leave with it. Make sure you know how to operate it. Find out if you must replenish the gas in the tiller before returning it.

Step 5

Use the tiller during the rental time and then load it back into your vehicle to return it to the business before the end of the rental period.

Step 6

Pay the rental fee to finish the transaction.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Vehicle for transporting the tiller


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