How to Buy a Dwarf Iris in July


Dwarf irises are flowering bulbs planted in the fall for late winter and early spring bloom. Purchasing dwarf irises in July is ideal timing, as preseason ordering allows you the widest range of fresh, high-quality bulbs. Iris bulbs can be ordered and paid for in July and will be shipped in early fall, with delivery perfectly timed for planting.

Step 1

Order dwarf iris bulbs in collections or by single species in desired numbers from specialty bulb retailers online or by catalog. Bulb and iris bulb specialists will have the widest selection of dwarf irises and will be the best option for finding rarer cultivars and exclusive mixes.

Step 2

Source dwarf irises from mainstream online and catalog nurseries that stock a range of ornamental plants, including flowering bulbs. They will accept pre-orders in July and throughout the summer and fall until the bulbs run out of stock.

Step 3

Contact your best local nurseries to see if they have dwarf irises in stock under cold storage during the summer. This is rare, but some specialist nurseries may have them.


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