Garden Ideas from Ireland

Ireland enjoys temperate climate due to the affects of the Gulf Stream. This water current provides plenty of moisture and moderate temperatures to the island. Gardening in Ireland differs from other areas of the world that experience high temperatures. Consistent rainfall and little fluctuation during the April through October growing months allow gardens to thrive with a variety of plants. Garden ideas from Ireland inspire aficionados to bring a little bit of the Emerald Isle into the home landscape.


The rocky shores of Ireland create many nooks and crannies for the interesting ground cover plants of this beautiful green island. Creating an Irish rock garden requires a sunny location and a moderate slope in the landscape. Find native rocks and boulders as a decorative element for the garden. Include lots of rocks to create a natural look to the landscape. Create outcrops and groupings to houseplants that cascade over edges. Consider the addition of a watercourse or waterfall using natural stone to mimic the traditional rockeries of Ireland. Include plants such as sedum stonecrop, delicate alyssum and Irish moss for subdued hues that accent the rocks.

Celtic Garden

Create a Celtic garden in a shady part of your property. Incorporate plenty of greenery in the form of ferns, thick hedges and brilliant green groundcovers. Add simple stone benches and irregularly shaped footpaths using natural colored slate. Incorporate a rock wall or include an impressive Celtic stone symbol to lend a sense of mystery to the location. Add a few large stone mushrooms or include cut blocks of native rock. Encourage moss to cover your pathways and decorative items.

Gravel Garden

The slope of hill often features a collection of smaller rock fragments interspersed with small plants. Nature creates this type of beautiful garden by pure chance. Irish gardeners call this type of a garden a scree garden. Scree refers to the small rock fragments or pebbles. Duplicate this type of interesting garden on either a sloped or flat area of your yard. Sun or shade doesn't matter. Much like a rockery, a scree garden features a harmonic blend of rocks and plants to create a peaceful oasis. Gravel gardens also allow for the use of formal garden structures to create more organization in the landscape design. Lay out a Celtic symbol in brick and create a gravel border around the edge. Blend the gravel border into your mulched garden beds. Include cottage garden plants or foliage heavy plants to suit your preferences.

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