Ideas for Patio Pots

The patio area of a home serves two essential purposes. It functions as an outdoor living space and a gateway to the garden, pool or backyard. Decorating the patio includes the use of pots for creating container gardens. Before rushing out to purchase premade containers, consider what you have around the home. The major requirements for a flowerpot include an ability to hold soil and drainage holes. Look for ideas for patio pots by repurposing an existing container to add decorative dimension and style to the patio area.


Save the expense of purchasing fancy precast concrete or terra cotta patio pots. These types of containers disintegrate over a few years with exposure to weather. Select an old keg tub, wrought iron tub or plastic storage bin. Drill holes into the bottom for drainage and place the container in its location. Fill the bottom third of the container with packing peanuts, crushed soda cans or empty plastic bottles to lessen the amount of potting soil required to fill the container. Plant suitable cultivars on the patio to accent your garden or living space in a one-of-a-kind container.


Homeowners frequently tuck these barrels in the garden or put them by the driveway as an entranceway planter. Move the wooden half-barrel to the patio to enjoy the benefits of this large container. Wooden barrels offer durable construction paired with the appealing natural tones of wood. These patio pots blend with any décor and also allow the gardener to create a simple water garden if desired. Barrels allow the gardener plenty of space to incorporate a variety of plants in a container garden. The size of the container also permits the planting of many perennials with wide root space requirements. Position the barrel before adding soil and plants, since moving the planter won't be an option after planting.

Uses for Smaller Pots

Create a potted garden in the corners of the patio area to bring the garden directly into this living space. Define patio edges with groups of pots or direct traffic onto the patio with planter placement. Potted gardens typically consist of pots of varying sizes to add height to the living space. Select pots of the same color to draw attention to the flowers, or choose various colored pots to create even more interest. Create a planter from an empty old boot or old watering can. Place these interesting planters in the front of the pot collection for additional texture and interest.

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