How to Dry Flowers at Home in a Microwawe


Drying flowers is a common procedure in many households. Sometimes it is done to preserve a special flower arrangement, such as a wedding bouquet, and other times flowers are dried in order to create beautiful home decor. Using a microwave instead of air-drying your flowers will allow the plant's colors to remain brighter and truer. It's also a much faster method, which can be beneficial if you don't have much time.

Step 1

Cover the bottom of a microwave-safe bowl with a thin layer of silica gel.

Step 2

Put the cut flowers on top of the silica gel. Cover the flowers with more silica gel, but do it slowly to avoid tearing the petals.

Step 3

Put the bowl in the microwave along with a cup of water. The water will help prevent the flower from drying out too quickly or excessively.

Step 4

Set the microwave at medium heat and set the timer for three minutes.

Step 5

Take the bowl out and check on the flowers every 30 seconds. Depending on the thickness of the flower petals, it can take up to three minutes for the flower to dry. Once the petals feel dry, but not quite brittle, they are ready to remove.

Step 6

Let the flowers sit in the silica gel for 24 hours to cool down and get rid of any extra moisture.

Step 7

Spray the flowers with hair spray after the 24-hour period. Flowers that are dried in the microwave tend to absorb moisture, but the hair spray will prevent this from happening.

Things You'll Need

  • Microwave-safe bowl
  • Silica gel
  • Water
  • Cup
  • Hair spray


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