How to Identify Hawaiian Flowers


Hawaii is home to hundreds of flower species, with most of them being of tropical variety. It is important to understand how to identify certain Hawaiian flowers, whether you are putting together a tropical bouquet or need understanding of the plants for survival.

Step 1

Examine the shape of different flowers. Hawaiian flowers are commonly large and shaped like hearts, birds (such as the bird of paradise that has a large orange nose and blue flowers); crab claws (such as the heliconia that has orange, yellow or red petals shaped like claws); or tall towers (the golden shower tree with columns of golden petals).

Step 2

Look at the leaves' texture. Many Hawaiian flowers are large, lush and thick, from the constant rainfall and humidity. A leathery texture is also common on Hawaiian flowers. For example, the macadamia nut tree has long textured leaves with ridges on the edges, growing up to 3 feet long. The banana passion fruit plant has thick, leathery leaves that are dark green and shiny.

Step 3

Examine the flowers to see the amount of petals. Most Hawaiian flowers have around five or six petals, in particular the common hibiscus flower, or the delicate and popular orchid. These have at least five or six petals and grow in an array of colors.

Step 4

Look at the shape of the leaves on or surrounding the flower. These may vary greatly from different varieties, but Hawaiian flowers commonly have oval- or banana-shaped leaves that range from light to dark green. The leaves can all grow quite large (again, depending on the variety) but it is not uncommon for leaves to be several feet long or wide.

Step 5

Take notice of any bright colors on the flower. Hawaiian flowers can grow in a range of bright and bold colors, such as yellow, red, coral, hot pink, fuschia, indigo, purple, blue and cream.


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