Townhouse Garden Ideas

The smaller lots of a townhouse limit the upkeep of the landscape. The reduced space also creates a tiny area to create a garden oasis. Townhouse gardens require careful use of the ground space as well as the available vertical space above the garden. Creating a garden for a townhouse also requires careful selection of plants suitable for each area based on sunlight requirements.

Container Gardens

The limited space of a townhouse lot provides the perfect opportunity to create a potted garden. Select pots that match the exterior colors. Plants annual or perennial plants that complement the containers. Potted gardens include a collection of a variety of pots in different sizes. Gather the pots in the corner of the front stoop, patio or deck to create a small oasis of foliage and flowers. Place planters or collections of pots into small gardens to add height and interest. Attach a section of trellis to the back of a wooden planter to create the perfect container garden for an annual vine.


Shrubs serve as the backbone of traditional single-family home gardens. Use this essential landscaping tool in the townhouse landscape, too. Nurseries sell compact varieties of many common landscape shrubs for use in small gardens. Select one or two that match the soil and lighting requirements of the garden. Each shrub features a different texture and background to enhance the home's exterior. Limit the number of shrubs to provide plenty of room to allow plants to reach mature size. Tight shrub spacing creates a hectic garden that mashes too many colors, textures and types of plants together. Aim for a simple plan for a small townhouse shrub garden and repeat the use of the same plant to create cohesion.

Vertical Gardening

Townhouses connect to other homes on two sides and capitalize on vertical space with multiple levels. Try this space-saving method in your small townhouse garden: Use a trellis or arbor to add height and visual interest. Plant twining annual vines or perennial climbers to bring the garden to eye level. Select tall perennials to line the edge of a fence. Choose a tall, thin pot to house a riot of blooming annuals or thin leaf perennial ornamental grass. Wrought iron plant stakes with hooks allow small-space gardeners to use the vertical space around the plot to add more interesting features.

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