How to Build a Cedar Trellis


When you have an outdoor project to build, such as a trellis, you cannot go wrong using the wood from a cedar tree. Cedar is naturally resistant to rot and the red color fades to gray over time. Trellis systems are used for both vining flowers and vegetables. Cedar lumber and strips are available at any lumberyard or home improvement store, and you can build a simple trellis in a single afternoon.

Step 1

Lay the four 8-foot-long 1 x 2 cedar strips vertically on your work surface, one foot apart from each other.

Step 2

Slide four of the 4-foot-long strips horizontally beneath the 8-foot pieces, spacing them evenly, but leaving two feet at the bottom free. In other words, lay the strips beneath the top 6 feet of the longer 8-foot strips every 1 1/2 feet.

Step 3

Place the remaining 4-foot long strips over the top of the strips, lining them up with the strips that are on the underside of the 8-foot strips.

Step 4

Secure the strips together using the brad nail gun and 2 1/2 inch brads. Place at least two brads in every connection crosspiece for strength and stability.

Step 5

Erect the completed trellis in the desired area by pounding the trellis at least 1 foot into the ground. For added stability, ensure that the lower 2 feet of the trellis are secure in the soil.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 x 2 cedar strips, 8 feet long, 4
  • 1 x 2 cedar strips, 4 feet long, 8
  • Brad nail gun and 2 1/2 inch brad nails
  • Wood mallet


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