How to Build a Compost Bin for Outdoors


Collecting yard and food waste for creating compost is an alternative to landfills and garbage disposals. A compost bin can be as simple as a designated pile in the corner of the backyard or can be an expensive, motorized rotating tub. The average gardeners and homeowners can find something in between the two extremes that serves their purposes well.

Step 1

Position the t-posts opposite each other, 3 feet across, in the area you plan to use for your compost bin.

Step 2

Pound the t-posts into the ground using a t-post driver or a heavy mallet.

Step 3

Wrap the hardware cloth in a circular pattern on the outside of the t-posts.

Step 4

Secure the two ends of the hardware cloth to each other using heavy gauge wire. This wire can be found at farm and hardware stores.

Step 5

Secure the wire to the t-posts using t-post fence ties. Use two fence ties per t-post. If these are not available, use heavy wire to secure the fencing to the posts. This will prevent the bin from blowing over during high winds and will help keep animals out.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 t-posts, 6 feet tall
  • T-post driver or heavy mallet
  • 4 fence ties
  • 1/2 inch hardware cloth, 10 feet long and 36 inches wide
  • Heavy wire


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