How to Light Flowers


Plants live off of sunlight, turning it into energy through photosynthesis. However, not all plants need the same amount of sunlight. Some flowers like a lot of sun while others can only handle shade. When you buy new flowers the amount of sunlight they need should be indicated on the seed pack or on the container it came in.

Step 1

Observe your garden for where the sun falls during the day, and how long it stays in each area. This will give you an idea of where to plant different types of flowers.

Step 2

Plant flowers that need full sun in an area of your garden that gets six or more hours of sunlight a day. The west and south sides of gardens can work well for this much sun. If you live in a hot southern climate you may want to limit the amount of sun the flowers get to eight hours a day.

Step 3

Plant flowers that need partial sun in an area that receives four to six hours of sunlight a day for colder northern climates and two to four hours a day for warmer southern climates. The east and north sides of a garden are good for these kinds of flowers.

Step 4

Plant flowers that need partial shade in an area that gets about two hours of sunlight a day and shade for the rest of the day. Places under eaves or trees are good for this kind of light.


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