What Are Fast Growing Tree Species?

Trees live a long time, and they generally take a long time to grow. This can be inconvenient when landscaping a yard, so it helps to know what trees grow fastest. Using these trees can give your yard work quick visual results while giving slower varieties a chance to catch up and fill in the spaces. Fast growing trees come in such a wide variety that you might even decide to use them for the entire space.

Red Maple

A glorious tree with stunning red leaves, the red maple really stands out. Lots of trees turn various shades of red in the autumn when they're heading into winter, but the red maple makes its mark by showing off its red colors all the time. Red maples also have a utilitarian aspect in that they produce delicious syrup if tapped. They are easy to grow and adapt well to most locations, although they need a dormant period to achieve their brilliant colors. Red maples grow as much as 65 feet, and will usually be the first to flower in the spring. The trees live for 80 to 100 years on average, and in some cases are known to be as old as 200. Young red maples achieve a three- to four-month advantage over other tree species in gaining a foothold as saplings.


The two types of cypress trees, bald and pond cypress, both establish themselves quickly and grow fast. The bald cypress is generally the larger of the two trees, growing as tall as 150 feet. Pond cypress, however, has a thick, shaggy bark that provides an ornamental value to landscaping. Cypress do not require much land preparation prior to planting and do well in most conditions. They prefer hotter climates, however, and grow fastest when planted from saplings rather than seed. Seedlings take up to a year to establish and require exacting conditions for best survival. Seedlings can grow as fast as 12 feet in three years given the best growing situations. They do much better in full sun. Even seedlings in shaded areas will grow, but not as quickly.

European Black Alder

The European black alder is a very large, fast growing tree that reaches 60 feet rapidly. It varies from slender conical shaped to wide umbrella branches. It is an excellent shade tree that does as well in moist and wet soils as it does in well-drained areas. It does prefer wetter soils, but can withstand even near drought-like conditions. It is a very disease-resistant tree that needs very little care, which makes it a good tree for busy homeowners.

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