Southern Patio Garden Ideas

Southern gardeners enjoy an extended growing season for many flowers and plants, thanks to warmer climates. Flowering plants, aromatic herbs and bushy vegetables are some of the plants you may see growing on or around a Southern patio. Many plants grow just as well in patio container gardens as they do in the ground.

Floral Garden

Fill your Southern patio with flowers blooming around the border and in containers from early spring to late fall. Border the patio with perennial flowering shrubs such as azaleas that bloom each spring, hydrangeas that bloom in the summer and camellias that bloom from the late fall and into the winter. Plant containers with tulips and daffodil bulbs in the late fall to enjoy a burst of color in the spring. Other container plants that you can enjoy on a southern patio include canna lilies, miniature roses and Shasta daisies. Each of these plants begins blooming in the summer and continues into the fall until the first frost. Cannas, miniature roses and Shasta daisies are perennial plants; they'll come back each year.

Aromatic Herb Garden

Fill your Southern patio garden with aromatic herbs to enjoy fragrant foliage from the spring to the fall. Herbs grow well in containers, as most have a shallow root system. Most herbs are sun-loving plants that need at least six hours of light each day. Plant perennial herbs as a border around the patio for plants that will reappear each year. Lavender, catmint, rosemary, sage, thyme and oregano are a few of the aromatic perennial herbs that will grow well in containers or in the ground around your southern patio. Scented geranium is a flowering aromatic herb that is an annual if planted in your garden, but may be over wintered indoors. Bring all of the herb containers inside during the coldest months to maintain the plants until warm weather arrives.

Vegetable Garden

Grow your own vegetables in containers around your patio for easy picking during the summer season. Many vegetables that thrive planted in a Southern garden will grow well in containers on the patio. Tomatoes are a Southern favorite and may be planted upside down in hanging containers or right side up in planters. Stake tomato plants that grow upright as the plants will become top heavy. Peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, eggplant and squash are examples of vegetables that you can grow on a Southern patio. Certain cultivars are more amenable to container growth, so make your selections accordingly. Patio, pixie and toy boy are tomato varieties that grow well in containers. Pepper choices include canape, red cherry and jalapeno. Your local nursery can advise you on the best types of vegetables to grow in containers based on the light conditions on your patio.

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