Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

The front yard is the first thing that people see when visiting your house. The layout and look of your front yard can express your personality, show your interests and give your house its own particular mood. Use your front yard landscape as the start of your own miniature world, giving your house just the feel you want it to have.

Alternatives to Grass

The traditional front lawn requires frequent mowing, lots of water, fertilizing and weed treatments. This makes it resource-intensive and time-consuming. There are a number of alternatives to the front lawn which may be better options for you. If you would like to cover your yard with green, use an alternate groundcover such as clover. Clover is slow-growing and requires little water, giving it an edge over grass. For a more practical use of space, grow a front yard vegetable garden. A vegetable garden will turn your front yard into a productive landscape, providing fresh produce for your table.


Your house should feel welcoming to you and your guests, and nothing makes a house more welcoming than flowers. Landscape a whimsical, curving walkway leading up to your house and line it with a wide array of flowers. Use small flowers close to the path and larger flowering bushes further away to create a layered cascade of blooms. Alternately, construct a tiered garden with flowers on two separate tiers beside the path. This will create a dense display of joyous color to welcome you home.

Recreation Area

Gardeners often use their front yards to showcase their hobby, but many other recreational activities can fit in a front yard. If you enjoy golf, for example, landscape your yard into a small putting green where you can practice at your leisure. If you're an avid basketball player, add a basketball court to your yard that can double as a patio. If you are an extreme sports enthusiast, build a climbing wall against your house or a small skate ramp on your front lawn with a concrete path leading to your driveway. If you are an artist, create a sculpture garden or put up a mural in your front yard.

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