Riding Lawn Mower Slope Cutting


Riding mowers are large machines that are quite dangerous when operated improperly. Because of the riding mower's unwieldy size, one of the most dangerous tasks is cutting grass on steep slopes. Slopes put a mower off balance, creating a potential tipping hazard. Slipping on the slope may cause you to fall off the mower. Small holes and rocks may also cause the mower to tip over. There are several considerations when operating a riding mower on a slope.

Step 1

Remove stones from the slope and inspect the slope for large dips before mowing.

Step 2

Slowly back up the slope to see whether the slope is too steep for the mower recommends the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Step 3

Mow going up an down a slope, never across, says Mississippi State University Extension.

Step 4

Set the riding mower speed to a low level so that changes in speed and sharp turns are not necessary say the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.

Step 5

Do not mow on wet grass to prevent the tires from slipping.

Step 6

Do not use grass catchers or attachments on slopes, as they put the machine off balance and may catch on obstacles.

Tips and Warnings

  • Never put a foot on the ground to stabilize the machine while mowing. This may cause injury.


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