How to Plant a Rain-Forest Tree


The rain forests contain resources that provide economic and environmental benefit to the entire world. Everyday, however, thousands of miles of rain forest are lost. Planting a rain-forest tree reduces the impact of deforestation by restoring some of the area that has been destroyed.

Step 1

Decide which rain forest you want to donate a tree to. Rain forests are located in Australia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Brazil, Guyana and Panama.

Step 2

Locate a charity that plants trees in that region. Example charities include Rainforest Rescue and The Rainforest Foundation.

Step 3

Donate the requested amount for planting a tree in that rain forest. Many charities will mail you a certificate with your tree's approximate location and a letter of gratitude for your donation.


  • Rainforest Rescue: Plant A Rainforest Projects
  • Rainforest Foundation: Indigenous Peoples And Rainforest Protection
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