How to Kill Clover


Clovers are a type of broad-leaf weed that can grow in nearly any type of grass. While a few clovers in a lawn adds character and may even be desirable, they can quickly overtake the grass and become a problem. Since these weeds are generally mixed in with the grass, you have to be careful when trying to control them as certain herbicides will kill grass and anything else it touches.

Step 1

Examine your lawn for the amount of clovers. If the clovers are spread throughout the yard, you need to use a garden sprayer, but if there are just a couple small patches of clover, you can use a spray bottle.

Step 2

Read the application instructions on the bottle of your particular herbicide. Some herbicides are ready to use, but others have to be diluted with water. Dilute the herbicide according to directions if necessary.

Step 3

Fill the garden sprayer or spray bottle with herbicide.

Step 4

Spray the clover with herbicide. Make sure the leaves are completely covered.

Things You'll Need

  • Post-emergent selective herbicide
  • Garden sprayer or spray bottle


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