Kid's Flower Planter Crafts

The best kids' crafts utilize plain, inexpensive materials that are versatile. These kinds of simple materials are like a blank canvass for a child's active imagination. Planters qualify as a great craft material because there are so many different things kids can use them for, and different ways to design and decorate them to make them unique.

Decorative Pots

One of the easiest ways to decorate a pot is with acrylic paint and tack glue. Kids won't even need instructions. Provide them with the craft supplies and stand back. They can turn terra cotta flower pots of any size into a unique work of art, then use them for planting or pretty storage containers. Let them paint pots free-hand, use a stencil, rubber stamps or templates. Give them items such as buttons, ribbon, beads and other do-dads to glue onto the decorative pots.

Candy Planter

Kids are always proud to present family and friends with homemade holiday gifts or party favors. Flower pots make perfect containers to use as small gift baskets. Provide the child with a few bags of candy to make up the presents. Small piece candy, such as jelly beans, candy corn or small bites of foil-wrapped chocolate can fill the pot. Add some lolly pops, either chocolate or hard candy, by inserting the sticks into the lose candy. They will stand up like a flower growing out of a pot. Sit a marshmallow chick on top, or have gummy worms hanging over the sides. Once children are done filling pots and arranging candy, wrap the entire thing in clear cellophane and tie a ribbon around it.

Candle Holder

These can be made in flower pots that children have already decorated. Use them when company comes over, on holidays or special occasions. Cover the hole inside a clay pot with a piece of duct tape to prevent hot wax from leaking out. Allow the child to pour in wax beads. These beads used for candle crafts do not need to be melted before pouring them. Give the child birthday candles to insert in the wax beads so that only the top of the candle and wick are above the surface. Keep the candles at least an inch away from the edges of the pot. Light the candle and the wax beads will melt as the candle burns. Never allow children to light candles, and don't let them burn unattended.

Unique Planters

Instead of turning a planter into something unique, try turning something unique into a planter. Just about anything can be converted into a garden container if you can drill a few holes in the bottom and fill it with potting soil. Have children collect some things to recycle, such as an old coffee can, a basket, a cowboy boot, an old kitchen sink or even a toy box. Let kids pick out seeds that are easy to grow such as marigolds, mint leaves or carrots to create an interesting container garden in a little corner of the yard or patio.

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