Tropical Bouquet Ideas

Comprising tropical flora, a tropical bouquet creates a cool island theme for a wedding or another special event. Making your own tropical-themed bouquets at home allows you the ability to mix and match a variety of tropical flora and foliage to create stunning arrangements. Brainstorming about different tropical bouquet ideas gives you the chance to create a plethora of bouquets from your own creative instincts.

For a Luau Wedding

Tropical flowers and foliage enhance a bouquet for a luau wedding, creating colorful accents that enhance the bride's appearance on her special day. A beautifully ornamental tropical bouquet for a luau wedding comprises the following flowers: hibiscus, bird of paradise, blue dawn flowers and a billowy cushion of cassia blossoms for filler. Arranging the flowers depends entirely on the style of the person making the bouquet, as creativity is the key to making it a truly attractive one. The luau bouquet of blues, reds, pinks and yellows mimics the tone of a Hawaiian sunrise, for a romantic appeal.

Tropical Foliate

The green tones in a tropical climate are often striking, bold and vary in hue from light to deep and intense. Showcasing the varying beauty of tropical foliage in a bouquet creates an interesting alternative to the traditional floral bouquet. A tropical foliate bouquet can be composed of the following plants: tropical stonebreaker, a couple sprigs of hortela shrub, passion flower vines with blooms and a bed of tropical grass for filler.

Fruit Bouquets

A delicious and health-conscious alternative to a flower bouquet, a fruit bouquet is composed of creatively arranged bits of fresh fruit. A tropical fruit bouquet not only adds to a tropical theme, it also introduces completely edible materials to an otherwise solely decorative accent item. Pineapple, carambola fruits, kiwis, banana pieces, papaya, mango and a variety of colorful and delicious tropical fruits make creating fruit bouquets both artistic and culinary. Add small blossoms of edible flowers such as roses and day lilies to the arrangement to create a floral accent to the already beautiful ensemble.

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