Landscaping With Hydrangeas


The flowering shrub hydrangea derives from the Greek "hydra" for water and "angeon" for vessel (pertaining to the plant's love of moisture). This plant splashes any landscape with colorful blooms from summer to fall, changing colors. The two key characteristics of hydrangeas to keep in mind when landscaping is the coarseness of the plant and the large flowers that bloom after everything else has stopped.

Step 1

Plant hydrangeas in shaded areas where other large plants won't survive, as hydrangeas prefer shade. Line a fence, along the outside of a house or shed, or by a garage with the shrubs evenly spaced. Hydrangea leaves also work great as a backdrop for partial shade areas for their coarse texture, which goes well with dappled lighting.

Step 2

Plant climbing hydrangeas on your landscape to climb up fences, walls, an extensive trellis or the side of your house. This vine can reach over 75 feet and is lush and thick. Colorful fragrant blooms will cover the vines from early spring to late summer.

Step 3

Plant hydrangea shrub or vine varieties to cover the base of large trees, or unsightly problems like rocks, tree stumps or barren earth.

Step 4

Use the coarseness and size of hydrangeas to your advantage. Plant them lining the road so people passing by can enjoy them from a distance, as they are very visible when in bloom. Mix them in gardens with other shrubs as a fill in between smaller plants, as this works better than planting them solitary as a focal point.


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