How to Restring a Craftsman Weed Wacker


Weedwackers offer homeowners and landscapers a method of removing brush and weeds from sidewalks, property lines and fences without hassle. A mower is simply too big for some areas, and a Weedwacker can take the place of a mower in these areas without all the fuss. Craftsman manufacturers Weedwacker in a variety of models for home and commercial use. It recommends using only Craftsman replacement string in its Hassle-Free Cutting Head.

Step 1

Disengage the motor by removing the spark plug wire from the spark plug. Remove the old string and line guide plate from the cutting head. Pull the line guide firmly away from the cutting head until it disengages.

Step 2

Clean the cutting head, removing the old grass and debris.

Step 3

Push the line guide plate back into place on the cutting head. Line up the holes labeled A and B on the cutting head with the corresponding holes on the line guide plate.

Step 4

Position the new string over the holes labeled A and B on the cutting head. Push the string intro the holes and pull the ends out of the bottom side of the cutting head. Pull them snugly, fitting the loop of string against the cutting head.

Step 5

Re-attach the spark plug wire and prime the engine to start the Weedwacker.

Things You'll Need

  • Craftsman Weedwacker String


  • Craftsman Owner Manual: 2-Cycle Weedwacker Gas Trimmer
  • Small Engine Repair: How To Restring Your Trimmer
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