Tools for the Yagimitsu Bonsai

Yagimitsu forges high-quality bonsai tools from stainless steel. These tools, used to shape and cultivate miniature trees and shrubs, have high-carbon steel laminated cutting edges. When working with tiny limbs and minuscule twigs, it's important to have precise and strong tools. Yagimitsu manufactures numerous tools that are durable and often used by professional bonsai growers.

Root Cutter

Removing or shortening roots is one of the first steps in training a new bonsai tree. Roots or small stones entangled in the roots can get caught in regular scissors. The Yagimitsu ST-4 and ST-3 stainless steel root cutters have a thicker blade that can handle tough roots and not be damaged by stones.

Bud Scissors

Bud scissors are used to trim buds, leaves and small branches. They have short blades and long shafts, making it easy to reach the plant's interior for precise cutting. Another advantage is that the handle shafts remain apart even when the blades are closed. This helps you avoid accidentally crushing other parts of the plant with closed shafts. Yagimitsu H-4 bonsai scissors are 155mm (just over 6 inches) and very lightweight.

Knob Cutter

A knob cutter is sometimes called a melonball cutter because of its shape. The cutting blades look like two halves of a circle. This allows the tool to encircle thick branches and remove protruding knots or stubs. The knob cutter is also used to remove undesirable material from underneath the trunk, where the tight space makes it difficult for other tools to reach. Yagimitsu makes two stainless steel knob cutters, the ST-8 and the slightly smaller ST-9.

Concave Pruner

"Bonsai" magazine says the most important tool for bonsai is the concave pruner. The pruner removes branches smoothly, which promotes rapid healing of the wound. It leaves a slightly concave wound that is taller than it is wide, similar to the wounds found in nature. This lets the trunk callus over without an undesirable trunk. Yagimitsu makes the ST-6 stainless steel concave branch pruner.

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